About us

At Momsy, we believe that new moms deserve a little TLC as they go through all sorts of changes in their bodies.

We think it's time for some appreciation.

We are a small family business with big dreams of empowering mothers to self-care.

Our mission is simple: we want to make sure that every expecting mom gets the tools she needs for a comfortable first few days after childbirth so she can focus on baby—and enjoy those first few days with her new bundle of joy!

Our lovingly crafted Postpartum Care Kits are packed with products to help new moms recover from pregnancy and childbirth—and we partner with premium brands to curate these kits so you get more bang for your buck! Expecting moms will thank you for these afterbirth basics they can pack in their hospital bags. 

We also offer Sustainable Period Care kits. We’re passionate about providing more sustainable period care options in the market because we really think there is too much plastic in the world; it's time for something better! They make the perfect gift for all women, especially for first periods!

For the women in your life who deserves a little pampering, Umi Kit has you covered. Our kit is designed to make them feel pampered while taking care of themselves during their “special time of the month”. It's the perfect gift for mothers, sisters, daughters, baby showers, and of course, postpartum and nursing moms. We can’t wait to share more comfy women's home-wear basics with you soon! 

And don't forget: tell your mom-to-be friends and family about us!

With love from all of us at Momsy